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    2. 服務熱線:13989600305
      ABOUT US

      • Phone:0576-82619997
      • Mobile:13989600305
      • Q  Q:609749639
      • Email:609749639@qq.com
      • Address:Changyang Industrial Zone, Xinqiao Town, Luqiao District, Taizhou City

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      Taizhou haogeer sanitary wares Co., Ltd. is a manufactory specialized in manufacturing various medium and top grade sanitary wares. From the just day of foundation, haogeer develops rapidly .Meanwhile, the quality of the products has also been improved and became stable .haogeer staff highly emphasizes the quality, development and design of the sanitary wares. Apart from employing professional persons, the company takes in the essence of the domestic and overseas sanitary wares to manufacture typical sanitary wares, which can coincide with the fashion and be fit for the public. Holding the enterprise tenet of quality first, active enterprising, keeping improving and creating top brand, and sticking to the service principle of sincere service and customer being the god, the company has been striving to provide satisfactory products for the customers. Going with the great progress of the technology field and facing the opportunity when stepping into the new times, haogeer sanitary wares will bring you the feel of warm family.

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